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 We offer a range of consulting services, all designed to help you maximize your home comfort and energy usage. We also offer business consulting services that will help your company reach its potential. Whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need. ventilation needs.  We continually strive to exceed expectations by ensuring that each  client receives the very best service.

Our Approach

 Each company is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential just as each home and home dwellers have different needs. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you – your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges. 

Customer Satisfaction

  In short: If you are building or having a home built or simply are un-happy with your existing home comfort system and it's approaching an age of replacement, consider contracting us to assist you  in your equipment selection and duct design changes. We will also provide you  with what to expert as fair market pricing from contractors. This will be a good negotiating tool and assist you with your contractor selection. 

Home Consulting Services

Home Service

 Home comfort systems are typically designed by local HVAC contractors who's primary focuses are to meet minimum code requirements, earn some revenue, and move on  to the next customer. Often times their selections leave many things to be desired, such as: comfort, equipment quality, and energy savings.   

 Most contractors favor brand specific equipment due to high volume sales of any specific brand provide lower product costs and spiff kickbacks from equipment dealer. Also, repetitious installations provide quicker installation and easier equipment start-ups due to familiarity of product. We, at Ross Consulting and HVAC believe you should invest in equipment that is best suited for your application, not the contractor's. Our equipment selections are non-biased and solely based on current day equipment performance.  

Our HVAC design services include the following:


  • Heat gain and loss calculation for accurate equipment sizing
  • Equipment selection based on home owner's specific needs
  • Duct design
  • Energy savings calculations
  • Multiple equipment options (good, better, best)
  • Construction oversight of HVAC installation (site visits and pre-inspections)
  • Contractor references
  • Thorough materials list for owner installations
  • Equipment start up and commissioning home owner installed equipment

HVAC Services

Ever had an HVAC contractor inform you that the repairs to your system are going to cost nearly 40% or greater than the cost of a new one and that you should consider replacing the system? Perhaps the contractor had been servicing your equipment for several years and you  are puzzled by the premature failure. 

Unfortunately, many contractors utilize maintenance agreements as a means of revenue during slow times more so than providing a quality service that is beneficial to the homeowner.

In some cases homeowners are instructed they should replace their existing system and it's barely 10 years old. Most contractors prefer to replace equipment in lieu of performing repairs so their repair pricing is structured to encourage you to do so. In many cases the repair, if properly priced, is a better option. Example: A gas furnace will typically last 10 to 20 years. The blower motor has failed on a 10 year old gas furnace and the contractor wants $800 to replace it. The contractor has instructed you that the cost to replace the furnace is only $2,800. In this situation most people will invest in the new furnace but what if the blower replacement cost was only $400 and the furnace lasted another 10 years?

Our HVAC services division doesn't perform any HVAC installations so we can focus on maintaining your equipment and repairing it when it fails. our routine maintenance program has the most thorough inspection available and will reduce equipment failures and maintain efficiency.

Of course eventually the equipment will age out and need to be replaced. When that time arrives, we will gladly recommend a quality contractor that specializes in installation of the equipment we recommend for your situation. As a Preventative Maintenance customer you will receive our HVAC Home Consulting Services free. With this service we will engineer equipment options and recommend any duct or zoning modification needed to provide maximum comfort for your  home.

Below is a list of our Maintenance Service Pricing. You may find cheaper but you won't find better!

# of systems                       One time visit              Annual PM

One                                       $90.00                      $180.00

Two                                       $150.00                     $300.00

Three                                    $220.00                    $440.00

Four                                      $285.00                      $570.00

Five                                      $310.00                      $620.00

Site Content

Below are the services we provide:


  • Initial monitoring of activities to asses changes of daily operations that will maximize company efficiency
  • Evaluate marketing strategies for effectiveness and promote improvements if needed
  • Provide sales training classes
  • Collection training
  • Training on the most effective way to manage payables and receivables
  • Develop accurate fair market pricing program to maximize profits
  • Training on properly evaluating projects or sales for profit accuracy
  • Implementing warranty programs that work
  • Assist with development of company policies
  • Web site development and management training

 Whether starting a business, inheriting one, or making changes to an existing one, it never hurts to get an outsider's opinion. New businesses are typically started based on a dream of success with lack of intricate knowledge about hot to properly set up procedures and safeguards. All businesses need to adjust with market demands so an existing business that was activated without the proper procedures and safeguards struggle to make the changes required to be at the top of their field and, in some cases, result in failure. Inherited businesses often face the largest hurdle of them all: tunnel vision due to lack of outside experience.  

 No matter what your situation, we can evaluate your business and provide honest, experienced evaluation and recommendations to improve the situation. 

 In today's world, business ownership is hard. Keeping up with government regulations and tax burdens are enough to keep a business owner busy 40 per week. Although you may be the best at what you do, you  can't  be the best at every aspect the business demands. In my book "Balance and Blue Print Your Business" I correlate business with a vehicle. If you're a business owner you want to be driving the vehicle but if you try to be the driver and the mechanic, it will take much longer to reach the finish line (finish line being success and retirement). 

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